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Halemar Specialties Greyhound Supplies and Foxhound Field Trial Supplies


Where quality is the difference.

Foxhound Supplies

Greyhound Supplies

Greyhound Supplies

Foxhound wearing Halemar Paint your own number race jackets

Greyhound Supplies

Greyhound Supplies

Greyhound Supplies


About Us

                                                                                        Halemar Specialties

 Celebrating over 35 years in business selling greyhound supplies and foxhound field trial supplies

Greyhound Products

Whether you're looking for greyhound supplies such as: coats, race jackets, personalized jackets, muzzles, collars or more, we have you covered. Whippet muzzles and Borzoi muzzles are also available on our website.

Foxhound Products

We have a full line of Field trial race jackets  including solid and mesh fabrics with or without numbers. Need a custom size, we can also do that .

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